How to choose woven bags?

23 Nov 2021



How to choose woven bags?

White woven bag: The white woven bag is of better quality than ordinary yellow and gray-green, because it basically uses new materials to woven fabric, so the price is higher than the previous two. White woven bags are generally used for packaging rice, flour and other grain crops and food, and also used in cotton yarn mills, textile mills, and chemical raw materials factories. Because the white woven bag is impact resistant and has high tensile strength, in the flood season, most of the woven bags for flood and flood protection are also white.

Puhuang, Puhong and other woven bags: The price of woven bags is medium, and the quality is medium. Building materials factories often use Puhuang Puhong woven bags as product packaging, and some express logistics companies also choose yellow woven bags for express delivery.

Gray-green woven bag: The price of gray-green woven bags is relatively low among these three woven bags. Therefore, products that require one-time packaging are mostly packaged in gray-green woven bags, such as construction waste at construction sites and packaging bags for express logistics.

Many woven bags need to be waterproof, moisture-proof, and wear-resistant due to the needs of their use. They need to be covered with a film and thickened processing technology.