Directly hit the flood prevention line丨People's soldiers who "weakly robbed" pp woven bags on the dikes

17 Jul 2020


Fonte: Lightning News July 17 Today 5 days have passed since the super historical water level of 22.81 meters on the Jiujiang section of the Yangtze River on July 12 has passed. The water level of the Jiujiang section of the Yangtze River is retreating at a high rate of more than ten centimeters per day. Jiujiang City The heightening of the dike in Jiangzhou Town has been completed, but for the officers and soldiers on the dike, the battle against floods has just begun.

For the soldiers of the people who perform tasks on the dike in Jiangzhou Town every day, the most exciting and happiest thing is not the rest whistle nor the shouting of lunch sent to the dam, but the fellows are full of pp woven The electric car sound of bags, grab pp woven bags between different groups, borrow pp woven bags, which group can grab more sand bags.

In the next stage of dewatering, they must stick to the polder every day, complete the work of plugging and preparing sand bags, so as to cope with the piping and leakage at the top of the polder due to long-term soaking.

Lightning News reporter Ma Rui Ma Mengmeng Wu Hanyang reports