What are the bottlenecks in recycling express packaging

03 Jul 2020


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Beijing Business News (Reporter Wang Xiaoran He Qian) How should the logistics packaging waste generated in large amounts be recycled every day? Where is the difficulty? On July 2, a reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily was informed that the Beijing Post Administration has held a symposium on express packaging waste recycling in conjunction with the Beijing Municipal Management Committee. The two sides exchanged views on the specific cooperation content and methods of the "recycling industry recycling industry". And further explore the construction of recycling system, the establishment of normalized incentive mechanism, the existing work system and other issues. During the interview, the reporter learned that some logistics companies have already set up recycling facilities at all outlets. However, it is not as smooth as expected to establish a recycling mechanism at the end store.

At a mother post (Yuantong Express Terminal Store) in Chaoyang District, a reporter from the Beijing Business Daily observed that some consumers would directly unpack cartons and cartons at the post and pile them next to the door of the station. According to the staff of the post, there are probably dozens of express packages that will be left here every day. If someone comes to express, they will choose a better carton from which to pack.

"Because these packages have worn out, and the size does not necessarily match the items, most of them will not be used. The remaining packages will be picked up by someone who has specially recycled them." While answering a reporter from the Beijing Commercial Daily, the staff member While placing the items in a used carton, reattach the tape and cover the new sheet with the new sheet.

Even in colleges and universities, according to an industry insider, the daily courier volume of service stations is about 4,000 pieces, and carton couriers account for more than 3,000 pieces, of which only 30% of the carton boxes can be recycled.

In addition to the loss of packaging, which affects the recycling rate, in fact, the venue, consumers' picking habits, etc. will also affect the store's enthusiasm to establish a recycling mechanism. "We have a large number of packages in the post, and the venue is limited. There is no place to put recycling boxes, and many people will take the courier home, and it is more redundant to set up recycling." A staff of the post said frankly.

It is understood that some logistics companies have achieved full coverage of recycling devices. Relevant person in charge of Zhongtong said that more than 21,000 packaging waste recycling devices have been installed at outlets across the country, and all outlets in Beijing have set up recycling boxes. A person in charge of a JD.com regional site in Beijing told the Beijing Business Daily that the site has already set up recycling boxes, and employees will also ask customers if they need to recycle cardboard boxes when they deliver to the door. With the increase in express delivery year by year, express packaging such as cardboard boxes, pp woven bags, foam boxes, etc. have become "frequent customers" in the community's waste bins, and the resulting waste of resources and environmental pollution are becoming more and more difficult to ignore. In fact, from May 1st, the newly revised "Beijing Municipal Waste Management Regulations" has begun to implement. It mentioned that express delivery companies should use electronic waybills and biodegradable and reusable packaging materials to encourage them to take recycling measures.

However, the use of environmentally friendly packaging will also increase costs. "The price of degradable packaging materials is two to three times that of ordinary materials. If large-scale use of environmentally friendly packaging materials will inevitably increase the cost of express delivery, so companies can use recyclable packaging bags, transit bags, or reverse recall of express packaging, etc. Ways to reduce costs." The industry insider suggested.

In addition, in the transshipment center, logistics companies use recyclable environmental protection bags to save express resources. Relevant person in charge of BES told the Beijing Business Daily that from April 2019, all BES transshipment centers will promote the use of recyclable bags. As of the end of December 2019, the East China, North China, Central China, and South China regional sites have all promoted the use of environmentally friendly jumbo bags, and the entire network has been put into use with 5 million.

"The collection bag has the functions of chip identification and route tracking, and its group-sensing RFID chip technology can also realize the collection of information such as package transfer, loss, regional flow, and audit. Compared with the traditional woven bag, which can only be used up to 2 times, The actual reusability can be more than 40 times, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the transshipment center's entry and exit, and at the same time reduce waste and pollution." The person in charge said.

It can be seen that Beijing will continue to promote the implementation of express delivery recycling. The Beijing Post Administration stated that the follow-up will further promote Beijing's express packaging waste recycling and improve recycling efficiency.