Express packaging management can reduce over 200 million disposable pp woven bags every year

24 Jun 2020



Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 11 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) How much waste can be reduced by implementing express green packaging management? According to preliminary estimates, the number of disposable pp woven bags can be reduced by approximately 207 million per year. This is what the reporter learned from the regular press conference of the State Post Bureau on the 11th.

"By the end of this year, the utilization rate of express electronic waybills will reach 95%, more than 50% of e-commerce shipments will no longer be repackaged, the utilization rate of circulating transfer bags will reach 70%, and packaging waste recycling devices will be installed at 10,000 postal express delivery outlets. Said Feng Lihu, director of the Market Supervision Department of the State Post Bureau.

Feng Lihu introduced that in accordance with the "green, reduction and recyclable" target principle, the green package management of express delivery has been steadily promoted, and it has achieved initial results. In terms of green packaging, the company has developed degradable packaging bags, bio-based material packaging bags, tapeless cartons, etc. In the promotion of packaging reduction, promote the use of electronic face sheets and reduce the use of tape. In terms of promoting packaging recycling, a number of new packaging supplies such as recyclable transfer bags, recyclable and shared courier boxes are being accelerated.

According to the calculation of the State Post Bureau, in terms of packaging, express and e-commerce accounted for 33% and 67% respectively; in plastic bags, express and e-commerce accounted for 44% and 56%; in terms of tape, express and e-commerce They accounted for 62% and 38%, respectively. Feng Lihu said that at present, the mechanism of collaborative management of packaging by e-commerce and express delivery companies is not yet perfect, and packaging from e-commerce accounts for a relatively high proportion. The realization of green packaging requires the participation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain.