The trend of exquisite small bags is gone. Recently, "woven bags" have become popular, and it is easy to carry a sense of fashion.

29 May 2020



I believe everyone has seen this kind of TV series in the TV series. The protagonists often go home from get off work or carry a variety of big bags when they go home.


Of these big bags, the most played is the woven bag. So how can fashionistas abandon the use of woven bags to show fashion and trendy taste? Today, I will take you to see the style of woven bags


Woven bag show

It has always been said that fashion trends depend on fashion week, but Xiaobian found that some fashion week designers' design inspiration comes from the Spring Festival tide


The first is the red and blue woven bags on the way back to the village, which the uncle of the migrant workers carried. Can you think of such a grounded woven bag one day on the show?


In the autumn and winter fashion week 2016 show, red and blue color woven bags are the most sought-after, many fashionable people choose this out of the street


Many internet celebrity bloggers are chasing the trend, using exaggerated accessories to win the fans' love. Such a hot handbag is very popular among bloggers, and it must not be let go


Big brands are addicted to the woven bag. In addition to this season's show, there are also the spring and summer fashion week 2007 show, and many designers use this element.


So, fashion, you really don’t have to worry too much. Some fashions you dislike today, you may not be able to climb tomorrow


Advantages of woven bags

As the fashion industry continues to update and update the fashion trends, woven bags are more and more accepted and recognized by fashionistas and the general public

Woven bags have gradually become the new darling of the fashion industry. Bringing a sense of quality, coexistence of publicity and fashion is one of the advantages of woven bags

A very small number of fashion items, although they were vomited by the public before, more and more people feel its beauty

The woven bag has a strong eye-catching ability, and at the same time it can show the unique fashion taste and trend of the match, so that you can be recognized at a glance in the crowd.

How to choose the right woven bag

(1) According to the material of the woven bag:

1. Leather

The woven bags are selected according to the material and can be divided into leather and cotton. Leather woven bag is very textured, with a natural sense of high-level and fashionable

Such a leather woven bag on the back of the fashionistas is domineering yet elegant, which adds a lot of color to the overall shape and is an indispensable fashion item.

The leather element plus the woven bag element can play out the unexpected creativity and distinctive fashion sense

At the same time, the leather material is also very warm, which is very suitable for the autumn and winter when the weather has turned cold. Therefore, are there any hearts for ladies and sisters, do you like this leather woven bag?

2. Made of cotton and linen

In addition to leather, cotton and linen are also a type of woven bag. The material of cotton and linen can give people an extraordinary and fresh feeling, and at the same time bring a bit of a retro atmosphere, the mud is not stained, it is probably the natural beauty of cotton and linen.

And the woven bag made of cotton and linen, which also has the decent sets of cotton and linen, the retro temperament and the fashionable atmosphere of woven bags, is the best choice for fashion items.

Woven bags made of cotton and linen are one of the top choices for fashionistas, whether traveling or playing or commuting to work

Carrying such a fashionable and retro bag, we can also be the next beautiful fashion street shooter

(2) According to the pattern of the woven bag:

1. Stripe design woven bag

The woven bag is divided according to the pattern, and can be divided into a striped design woven bag and a pattern woven bag

Among them, the woven bag with striped design is a common one. The striped pattern is a classic element of the fashion circle

The classic striped logo reproduces the classic work. The bright and simple striped design of the woven bag can make people see the visual effect at first sight, and make the eyes shine.

Stylish and versatile, no matter whether it is daily dress or holiday dress, just a little embellishment, immediately up summer style eye-catching

Fashionistas love the woven bag with classic stripe design. It can be a good bag with other items or clothing, it can be sweet or salty, cool, full of practicality and fashion

2. Woven bags with patterns

In addition to the classic elements of stripes, the pattern is also a common pattern choice for woven bags

Although the pattern and the matching coefficient and the difficulty are a little high, because it has a direct relationship and high requirements for the temperament style of the wearer and the environment it matches

Therefore, most people do not dare to try woven bags with floral patterns. If the match is not good, it will be gaudy and make others feel that you have no taste

However, in fact, if the pattern woven bag is properly matched, the proper choice can also be a choice to enhance the temperament and show the fashion taste.

In addition, the pattern is also one of the enduring classic elements, and the young lady you like can try it boldly

(C) Select according to the feel of the woven bag:

1. Soft money

The woven bag can be divided into soft and hard models according to the feel. The soft woven bag is more soft and gentle, which is more comfortable and warm in feel

The woven bag itself has the characteristics of neutral and casualness, and the soft material can show a gentle and soft side, which combines the neutral and cool handsome style of the woven bag, and the overall style is more harmonious and versatile.

And in the cold autumn and winter, a soft woven bag that is just right and matches the temperament of the wearer is also more suitable for the scene and season, giving a warm visual experience

2. Hard money

Unlike the soft and gentle feeling presented by soft woven bags, hard woven bags are more of a hard, domineering strong temperament

If the soft woven bag gives a princess fan, then the hard woven bag is the domineering queen fan. At the same time, in terms of feel and visual experience, the hard woven bag also has an inherent sense of high-level

This kind of high-grade hard woven bag is the first choice for many fashionistas. You who love fashion are also worth starting with. Hurry up and take action.

(4) According to the size of the bag

1. Large woven bag

Woven bags can be divided into large woven bags and small woven bags according to size. The large woven bag is chosen by everyone as the best single product for travel because of its large capacity and large inclusiveness

At the same time, the large woven bag is simple and generous, very beautiful. Single shoulder or diagonal

The large woven bag has a simple appearance and large-capacity design, with a little romantic atmosphere, it is more worry-free to travel, and it can also be given to friends, which are very decent gifts.

If you like to travel, I hope to have a large bag with both practicality and fashion, then such a large woven bag will become your love

2. Small woven bag

Compared with the large woven bag, the small woven bag can be worn more occasions, and the versatile rate is higher.

Whether it is travel or daily attendance, street shooting, a small portable woven bag that can be distinguished from the crowd at a glance, is an eye-catching weapon

Although the small woven bag has limitations in space accommodation, it still has many advantages. Small and exquisite, convenient travel, generous simplicity, etc., the exquisite small woven bag design is very textured and more beautiful, improving quality and temperament

4. How to wear woven bags

1. Wear monochrome + woven bag

In the specific wearing method, woven bags also have a variety of collocations. The most common is to wear monochrome clothing and woven bags

Because of the variety of colors and patterns in woven bags, wearing monochrome clothes is the least likely to step on the thunder, simple clothes and fancy woven bags

Make the woven bag become the highlight of the whole body, which can highlight the different temperament and taste of the wearer

2. Wear suit + woven bag

Another more daring combination is color clothes with woven bags. The color clothes themselves are bold to wear, and the fancy of woven bags adds to the overall boldness and fashion

With the development of the fashion trend in the fashion circle, this method of wearing is more and more popular and sought after by fashionistas

V. Women's woven bags to wear

Speaking of loyal fans of woven bags, Tang Yan can be regarded as one. A large woven bag in four colors of blue, white, red and black, which is very comfortable and fashionable in Tang Yan's body

Catering to the long pink coat she wore, it also highlighted Tang Yan's outstanding temperament

The woven bag has a different fashion sense and trendiness on her body, and the gentle and pleasant temperament is beyond the control of the beautiful Tang.

On a cold day in autumn and winter, this kind of woven bag makes her more beautiful and gentle. Don't miss it if you like it.