How to avoid aging in use?

16 Mar 2020



Tarpaulin is very common in our lives, so how can we avoid its aging in use? Let's take a brief look below.

1. Avoid sun exposure and high temperature. According to our understanding, when using this product in contact with high temperature, we must do our best to avoid this aging phenomenon when using them. It is better not to expose them to high temperature and not to expose to the sun. Only then can they be used for a long time.

2. Avoid contact with chemical substances. When using tarpaulin contact with chemical substances, abnormal aging will occur, such as corrosion, deterioration, loss of softness, etc., especially some acidity and alkalinity, or salinity. Excessive material, they will directly attack the cloth. Therefore, if we want to avoid the aging phenomenon of these products and prevent them from having unusable effects, we have to avoid their contact with chemicals.

3. When not in use, dry it and close it. If it is wet and stacked, it will cause mold on the tarpaulin.