How are the characteristics of woven bags manifested

25 Feb 2020



PP woven bag manufacturers are mainly composed of two chemical substances, one is polypropylene and the other is polyethylene. A professional catalyst is used to promote the polymerization of flowers. PP is mainly extracted from petroleum. In Chinese, we call it polypropylene. The molecular arrangement of the links is flat and orderly, and it is a regular polymer. It is divided into isotactic PP polypropylene and random PP polypropylene according to the crystallinity. The material polymerized from polypropylene is a highly crystalline thermoplastic resin with a molecular weight between 80,000 and 150,000; random PP polypropylene is a non-crystalline and slightly reddish waxy surface at room temperature. , Molecular weight is relatively low, this application is relatively narrow. Due to the current rise in oil prices, the price of PP raw materials has also risen accordingly, resulting in an increase in the cost of woven bags. What are the characteristics of woven bags made by this material in PP woven bag factories?

First, the crystalline material has low hygroscopicity and is prone to breakage. It will be easily decomposed when contacted with metal frequently.

Second, the fluidity is good, the range and value of shrinkage are large, and deformation and shrinkage are easy to occur.

Third, the cooling speed is fast. Pouring and cooling equipment dissipates heat slowly, and it is relatively easy to control the molding temperature.