weed mat works well, teaches you to use it properly, no longer afraid of weed growth

14 Jan 2020



Weed mat is used by many farmers who have not used it and do not understand what it is. Anti-grass cloth is a kind of plastic cloth woven horizontally and vertically. It has anti-insect and anti-weed ground anti-grass cloth. It also has certain anti-insect effect. Many people are curious. How effective is it to prevent grass and how much does an acre cost?

The effect of weed mat. The ground cover prevents direct sunlight, and weeds cannot perform photosynthesis, so there is no or reduced weed growth. The ground cover prevents sunlight, the water in the ground soil cannot evaporate, and the soil will remain moist, which is beneficial to the growth of fruit trees or crops and saves irrigation costs. The special structure of the ground cover can ensure the air flow at the root of the plant and prevent the accumulation of water. The cost of ground cover. The mulch film is prone to aging for a long time and has a short service life under the sun, so many people start to use anti-grass cloth, that is, black plastic woven bags, which are resistant to aging and are not easy to step on. The anti-grass cloth can be used for six years if it is used in spring and harvested in autumn. Generally, it is used for three to four years.

Factors affecting the price of weed mat. The raw material is PP flat yarn. Its price directly affects the price of anti-grass cloth. The labor cost is also a very important factor, such as labor, water, electricity, etc. Therefore, reducing energy consumption is also a way to save costs and reduce prices. Finally, The transportation cost is related to the transportation distance, loading quantity, loading and unloading costs, etc.

Weed mat usage. When the trees are transplanted, the ground cover can be used to surround the roots of the trees to reduce the growth of weeds around the roots, while ensuring the ventilation and moisture retention of the roots of the trees. The degradable ground cover can protect the roots of the tree from being damaged during transportation. It should be laid reasonably when used to ensure that it does not affect crop growth.

Although the cost of weed mat is higher than that of mulch film, it is also a more advanced and environmentally friendly method of weed control. We can try to use it in the planting process and use it reasonably.