In addition to anti-grass, what is the role of weed mat?

14 Oct 2019



Can the ground cover be used in addition to the grass?


The weed mat is fixed and can be used for escape prevention in addition to climbing culture.

Ground cover

Geomembrane overlay

In some anti-seepage projects, the geomembrane is used in the open air. This method of use will shorten the service life of the geomembrane. Covering the geomembrane on the open-air geomembrane with a layer of anti-grass cloth (woven cloth) can reduce the illumination of the geomembrane. Improve the useful life.

Feeding area

For example, the breeding grounds of frogs have higher requirements for food placement areas, ground cleanliness, ground temperature, etc.

In this case, the ground cover is obviously contrasted with the traditional materials such as cement, and the weed mat has water filtering property, and even when it encounters rain, it will quickly reach the table surface. The anti-grass fabric has low construction cost and is easy to lay. It only needs to be unfolded, flattened, fixed, and has no labor expenditure.