Do you know how the mesh bag manufacturer stores the mesh bag?

28 Aug 2019



We all know that whether it is fruit or vegetables, the demand for mesh bags is relatively large, so we will produce large quantities of mesh bags when we produce mesh bags, but because the products are not immediately issued, so the net The storage problem of the bags under the eyes is crucial.

When storing the mesh bag, the storage environment is very important. If the mesh bag is stored in an excessively humid place, the mesh bag will be mildewed. Therefore, in order to save the mesh bag for a long time, we need to The mesh bag is stored in a dry and ventilated place.

In addition to the environment, we also pay attention to mosquito problems when storing, because the material of the mesh bag is easier to recruit when storing, but in order to be convenient and not to be troubled by mosquitoes, we need regular Disinfect water or insect repellent in the storage area of the mesh bag to prevent mosquitoes from accumulating in the warehouse and damage the mesh bag.

However, it should be noted that when storing the mesh bag in the hot summer, the mesh bag must not be placed under the sun for exposure. Because of the material problem of the mesh bag, exposure to the sun will shorten the life of the mesh bag.