Weed mat common several functions

19 Apr 2019



weed mat  is a polypropylene cloth roll used to prevent the growth of weeds. It is generally used in agricultural production activities. Weed mat is widely used in agricultural production. It can be used for planting fruits and vegetables to maintain heat, frost, insect and bird, as well as light, breathable and permeable. It can also be used in agriculture.

Use sheds to make shed cloth; it can also be used to package tree roots to facilitate seedling transportation.

First, prevent weeds on the ground. Because weed mat can prevent direct sunlight to the ground, and use the strong structure of weed mat to prevent weeds from passing through the ground cloth, ensuring the weed mat's inhibition of weed growth.

Second, timely remove the area of water and keep the floor clean. The drainage performance of weed mat ensures the rapid discharge of water in the ground area, and the pebble layer and the middle sand layer under the weed mat can effectively inhibit the reverse osmosis of the soil particles, thus ensuring the cleanness of the surface of the weed mat.