Why can plastic woven bags only be ordered in bulk, but not retail?

20 Feb 2019



Friends who have bought PP woven bags should know such a thing, or it can be said to be a hidden rule. If you want to order products from the factory, you must have a minimum order quantity. If you do not reach a certain quantity, Manufacturers do not give it, do you know why?

Speaking of this, there is actually one of the most fundamental reasons. That is, the friend we want to order from the manufacturer must be able to get an ex-factory price, open up all the middlemen’s layers of exploitation, and try to reduce the cost, so out of this It is inevitable that it is necessary to purchase PP woven bags from manufacturers. So, then again, if the price quoted by the manufacturer is too high, then it is better to buy it from the middlemen. So, what is the reason that the manufacturer has given you a higher quotation than the middleman? This is the number of woven bags we want to discuss today. The reason why manufacturers or manufacturers are unwilling to produce them is that the batch size is too low, if it is 200, for the manufacturer, the actual production time is only 10 The look of minutes seems to be extremely low cost. However, the reason is mainly that in addition to the production time, the auxiliary time is too much, and the process from spinning to weaving is too long.

Therefore, this is why manufacturers are not willing to produce PP woven bags in low-volume, and please understand the users.