In China, which company's ton bag / container bag / FIBC is more professional?

19 Jul 2021



In China, Qingdao SG Global Packaging made ton bag / container bag / FIBC BAG is more professional. Qingdao Haohai Packaging Company has more experienced production.

From the option to, the ton bag is produced, and then the sewing is sewn, finally packaged, contained containers, shipping, each step must be strict quality inspection, ensuring the standard.

FIBC BAG is a soft and multi-capacity transport bag with a large-capacity of halftake in half tons. It is characterized by: the volume is large, the weight is light, and there is a high tensile strength, tear strength, crack strength, and good wear resistance. Comprehensive characteristics such as acid, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance, and sunshine. Using a container can guarantee reliable goods, reduce damage, leakage, improve the management of goods, easy to achieve mechanization of loading and unloading, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, easy to transport and packaging of goods, pellets, can realize packaging series, To increase the efficiency of packaging, transportation, handling, and reduce costs.