The following issues need to be noted when using big bags for loading and unloading in the transportation process

01 Jun 2021



The use of big bag manufacturers to solve the problem of difficult transportation of scattered items, but also to make transportation easier, in the process of transport using the container bag for loading and unloading need to pay attention to the following issues. Ton bag manufacturer in the lifting operation do not stand under the. Please hang the hook in the central part of the sling or lanyard, do not slant lifting, single-sided lifting or tilting lifting of the container bag. Do not rub with other objects, hook or collide with the bag during operation. Do not pull the sling to the side reverse. Ton bag manufacturer using forklift operation, please do not make the fork touch or tie to the bag body to prevent puncturing the bag. In the workshop handling, try to use pallets, avoid using hooks with the bags, shaking side to side handling. Keep the container bag upright when loading, unloading and stacking. Do not put the container bag upright. Do not drag on the ground or concrete. Have to be kept outdoors, should be placed on the shelves, and must be covered tightly with opaque shingles bags.