What is a mesh bag?

14 May 2021



Mesh bags are mainly made of polyethylene as the main raw material, which is extruded, stretched into flat yarns and then woven. This kind of packaging bag can be used to pack vegetables, fruits and other items, but it is not suitable for the packaging of hard chestnut bulk materials.

Mesh bag classification

According to the weaving method, it is divided into two categories: plain weave mesh bags and warp-knitted mesh bags.

Plain woven mesh bags are divided into three types: large mesh, medium mesh and small mesh according to the density of warp and weft.

The warp-knitted mesh bag is divided into two types: large net and small net according to the density of warp and weft.

Specifications: The specifications of the mesh bag are represented by the effective size L * B, and there is no size series.

Mesh bag appearance quality


Color: There should be no obvious difference between products of the same batch.

Stains: Obvious pollution is prohibited.

Bag edge: no obvious irregular bumps.

Serial port bag: It should be neat and without obvious dislocation.

Weft yarn and warp yarn break: Each mesh bag is allowed to have two non-adjacent eye bags, but they need to be firmly connected.

Needle removal: Not allowed.

Mesh bag suture

The plain weave mesh bag has its edges and bottom stitched. The original edges are usually rolled into two folds with flat stitches or chain locks, and the hem width is greater than or equal to 1.3 cm. The two flat stitches are basically parallel and separate from each other. The inner edge and 1/3 of the outer edge of the edge. The width of the folded edge, there are no skip stitches, floating stitches and reflex stitches. A chain stitch, located in the middle of the folded edge, without skipped stitches or floating stitches.

When weaving a woven bag, weave the edges and bottom of the warp-knitted mesh woven bag at the same time. The woven edge is cut by a hot melt knife, and there is no wear. The bottom of the bag is single-woven or double-woven, and the width of the bag is 2.3±1cm.